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Best Mage In Mobile Legends Bang Bang S32 (2024)

Best Mage Heroes In Mobile Legends

If you’re looking for the best Mage in Mobile Legends Season 32, here’s a list of our top picks based on testing.

1. Vexana


This hereo unique abilities offer strategic options that can catch opponents off guard. In the right hands and team composition, she can definitely be a force to be reckoned with.

As with any hero, it’s important to understand her strengths, weaknesses, and how to maximize her effectiveness within the context of the game.

• Nether Touch (Damage)
• Deathly Grasp (CC, AOE)
• Cursed Blast (AOE)
• Eternal Guard (Summon, Damage)

Our Recommended Lane: 

Mid-Lane: provides Vexana with the resources and strategic positioning she needs to fulfill her role as a mage effectively.

2. Nana


Nana aka the Feline Wizard, is a mage hero known for her unique crowd control abilities and supportive playstyle. Her abilities, such as her Molina Smooch (Skill 2) and Molina Blitz (Ultimate), offer stuns and slows that can help set up kills for her teammates or peel for them in team fights.

• Molina’s Gift  (Death Immunity)
• Magic Boomerang (AOE)
• Molina Smooch (CC, Debuff)
• Molina Blitz (Burst. CC)

Our Recommended Lane: 

Side Lane:  placing her in the support role and in the side lane is often the most suitable for her supportive playstyle and safety considerations.

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3. Kagura


If you want a versatile mage hero with high mobility, crowd control, and burst damage then Kagura is your best choice. Kagura excels in team fights due to her area-of-effect damage and crowd control.

She can exert influence over both the top and bottom lanes. This enables her to rotate quickly to assist teammates in need, secure objectives, or participate in team fights around the map.

• Yin Yang Gathering (Shied, CC)
• Seimei Umbrella Open (Damage, Slow)
• Rasho Umbrella Flee (Remove CC, Mobility)
• Yin Yang Overturn (CC, Burst)

Our Recommended Lane: 

Mid-Lane: the mid-lane provides Kagura with the resources, map control, and strategic positioning she needs to fulfil her role as a mage effectively.

4. Valentina


This hero was labelled as on of the best op mage in the game in 2023!  Fast forwarding to 2024, Valentina is still one of the best mage you can use in the game.

She is a known hero because of her unique ability to copy an enemy hero’s Ultimate ability is what makes her quite powerful when it comes to counterplay strategies.

Aside from her unique playstyle, the hero’s wave clearing and roaming potential is also something to consider.

• Primal Force (Buff, heal)
•  Shadow Strike (Damage, CC)
•  Arcane Shade (Mobility, Buff)
•  I AM YOU (Morph, Slow)

Our Recommended Lane: 

Mid-Lane: Her immense magical damage and blink ability leave opponents bamboozled. Even chasing her became complicated for enemies.

5. Lunox


Not much can be said about this hero. Lunox benefits greatly from solo experience to level up quickly and unlock her abilities. She can be great if you prefer a solo type mage player.

• Dreamland Twist (Buff)
• Starlight Pulse (AOE, Heal)
• Chaos Assault (Damage)
• Cosmic Fission (AOE, Slow)

Our Recommended Lane: 

Mid-Lane: the mid-lane provides Lunox with ample opportunities for farming gold, which is essential for purchasing items and enhancing her damage output.

With access to both the middle and side lanes, Lunox can rotate to farm jungle camps and help secure objectives like the Turtle or Lord.


It’s essential to keep in mind that the meta can shift rapidly due to balance changes, new hero releases, and strategic innovations.

Therefore, it’s always a good idea to check the latest tier lists and professional player recommendations for the most up-to-date information.

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