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List of Extraction Shooter Games like Tarkov [Updated]

Games Like Tarkov

If you’re looking for games like tarkov, i’ve made a complete list of extraction looter shooter games.

Games Like Tarkov

NameRelease DateStatus
Vigor (PC)16 May, 2024🟢
HawkedAugust 31, 2023🟢
Level ZeroTBA🔵
Nakwon: Last ParadiseTBA🔵
Arena Breakout InfiniteTBA🔵
Hunt Showdown27 Aug, 2019🟢
Arc RaidersTBA🔵
Incursion Red River10 Apr, 2024🟢
Absolute MatterTBA🔵
Ghosts of Tabor (VR)20 Mar, 2023🟢
Beautiful LightTBA🔵
Gray Zone Warfare30 Apr, 2024🟢
Project L33tTBA🔵
Absolute MatterTBA🔵
Marauders3 Oct, 2022🟢
Lost Light1 Sep, 2022🟢
The Division: HeartlandCancelled🔴
Delta Force: Hawk OpsTBA🔵
The Day Before Cancelled🔴
ConVRgence (VR)22 Apr, 2024🟢
A Twisted Path to Renown6 Jun, 2024🔵


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22. Incursion Red

Incursion Red Gameplay

If you’re a fan of the intense, hardcore shooter gameplay of Escape from Tarkov, you’ll want to check out Incursion Red River. This new extraction based tactical FPS has drawn a lot of comparisons to Tarkov.

In this game, you take on the role of a private military contractor dropped into hostile environments to complete objectives and extract with valuable loot. Matches are high-stakes affairs if you die, you lose all your gear, which creates an awesome tension. It should also be noted that this game is strictly PVE (player vs environment)

21. Vigor


Vigor is a free to play online extraction shooter set in a post apocalyptic Norway.

The goal is to search for resources (loot) and upgrade your shelter to protect yourself from the harsh environment.

Like Tarkov, it has an extraction based gameplay loop where you enter maps filled with loot but have to survive and extract with your scavenged gears.

20. Hawked


A a free to play online Extraction Shooter game that offers players an exciting treasure hunting experience in a mysterious world.

In this game, players take on the role of Renegades, who battle monsters and rival Renegades to reclaim powerful relics from a lost civilization.

Explore diverse open worlds, gain a reputation, and unlock new tools and powers.

19. Level Zero

Level Zero Extraction

A multiplayer extraction horror game. It offers a unique blend of asymmetric horror and high-stakes showdowns.

Players can embark on a dangerous scavenging expedition where three teams of mercenaries compete for loot and extraction points.

Alternatively, players can take on the role of deadly alien monsters and hunt human prey.

18. Nakwon: Last Paradise


In the cyberpunk city of Nakwon, use unique abilities to fight your way through and escape with loot.

17. Exoborne

Exoborne New Extraction Game

A tactical open world extraction shooter set in an apocalyptic United States that has been transformed by extreme forces of nature.

Players must scavenge, craft, and fight to survive in a hostile and dynamic open world filled with warring factions.

16. Reverb


Reverb is a multiplayer PVPVE extraction stealth shooter with a first person perspective, set in a fictional Biopunk universe where there is a constant struggle for evolution.

15. Arena Breakout Infinite

Arena Breakout Infinite In Game Photo 7

Arena Breakout Infinite offers competitive PvPvE. Secure valuable gains while battling other players and artificial enemies.

14. Hunt Showdown

Hunt Showdown

Hunt Showdown tasks you with bounty hunting. Track monsters down and eliminate them while also competing with other players.

13. Arc Raiders

Arc Raiders

Arc Raiders is a new extraction shooter game from Embark Studios. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where players explore an abandoned civilization.

The game features an open world with weather and environmental hazards. Players can team up with friends to take on missions, fight enemies, and scavenge for resources.

12. Absolute Matter

Ss 655967831d955ef0747d128c0e9e5badcb9473df.1920x1080

Absolute Matter is a first person extraction shooter all about player interaction.

Every single mechanic in this game either leads to player interaction or makes it more interesting, more intense.

No matter if you join a map as a lonely wolf or with your friends.

11. Ghosts of Tabor (VR)

Ghosts Of Tabor

In VR, stealthily infiltrate enemy installations in Ghosts of Tabor without detection.

10. Beautiful Light

Beautiful Light

Grow as a member of the Quick Reaction Force or invade other players’ raids as a monstrous anomaly.

This horror extraction game is designed to push players to their limits and test their abilities in a thrilling experience with a steep learning curve.

9. Gray Zone Warfare

Gray Zone Warfare Release Date

Gray Zone Warfare is a military game with some features of an extraction shooter. The game introduces a faction system, where players must join one of three factions.

Players can only group up with others from the same faction, creating a cooperative element not found in other extraction shooters

8. Project L33t

Project L33t

As a private contractor and member of the elite L.3.3.T. team, you embark on expeditions into the zone with the main task of collecting artifacts.

7. Marauders


Marauders is a hardcore multiplayer player vs player vs environment [PVPVE] first person shooter game.

It offers a unique gameplay experience where players aim to amass resources through looting, completing missions for the three main factions, and engaging in combat with members of other factions.

6. Lost Light

Lost Light

Lost Light centers on trading valuable finds with other players in its economy.

5. The Division: Heartland 

The Division Heartland

Tom Clancy’s The Division Heartland is a cancelled free to play action shooter game developed by Red Storm Entertainment and published by Ubisoft. It was set to be a standalone spin-off set in The Division universe.

4. Delta Force: Hawk Ops

Delta Force Hawk Ops

Delta Force: Hawk Ops prioritizes realistic squad play through carefully planned missions.

3. The Day Before

The Day Before

The Day Before” was one of the most talked about game on YouTube. The game was released and then cancelled within days. It featured a large open-world where players could loot, craft, and defend themselves against zombies and other players.

2. ConVRgence (VR)


ConVRgence (VR) subjects you to intense close quarters VR firefights requiring dexterity.

1. A Twisted Path to Renown

Ss 83a8381c99183369c03b856042fc7a9d3ba088a0.1920x1080

A Twisted Path To Renown is a Multiplayer, loot focused, PvEvP extraction shooter, set in the rugged 1899 United States.

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    can you make a list for extraction rpg games?

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