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Gray Zone Warfare Early Access Is Finally Here (Global)

Gray Zone Warfare Early Access April 30

Gray Zone Warfare Early Access April 30Gray Zone Warfare (GZW), the highly anticipated tactical extraction shooter, has just been released in Early Access on April 30th.

This vast open world FPS game from MADFINGER Studio has already generated a huge buzz among players, drawing comparisons to popular titles like Escape from Tarkov.

GZW Official Trailer:


The game features a 42km² open world that can be explored on foot or by air using helicopters. Players must adapt to their surroundings, utilizing tactics to their advantage.

Whether playing solo or with a squad of friends, matches have a PvPvE format, allowing encounters with both other players and NPCs.

Key Features:

✓ Weapons and Equipment:
Gray Zone Warfare offers a wide range of weapons and equipment that can be modified to suit the player’s preferences .

Health System:
The game features a unique health system where players must use different items to cure their character depending on the type of injury.

✓ Quest System:
Gray Zone Warfare includes an advanced quest system encompassing both main and side storylines, providing players with engaging objectives.

✓ Faction-Based AI:
The game features faction-based AI with its own agenda, involving quests, patrolling, scavenging, and attacking others.

✓ Customization:
Gray Zone Warfare offers extensive customization options for players, including customizable gear and enhanced weapon customizations.

Where to buy?

You can purchase Gray Zone Warfare on the Steam PC platform. The game is available for pre-order, and the prices vary depending on the edition you choose.

Here are the different editions at start and their bundle information with prices:

  1. Standard Edition Cost: $34.99
    • Locker Size: 10×25
    • Secure Lockbox: 2×2
    • Standard Edition Equipment
    • In-Game Currency: $10,000

  2. Tactical Upgrade Cost: $23.00
    • Locker Size: 10×35
    • Secure Lockbox: 2×2
    • Standard Edition Equipment
    • Tactical Edition Equipment
    • In-Game Currency: +$5,000

  3. Elite Edition Cost: $45.00
    • Locker Size: 10×45
    • Secure Lockbox: 3×2
    • Standard Edition Equipment
    • Tactical Edition Equipment
    • Elite Edition Equipment
    • In-Game Currency: +$5,000

  4. Supporter Edition Cost: $65.00
    • Locker Size: 10×60
    • Secure Lockbox: 3×3
    • Standard Edition Equipment
    • Tactical Edition Equipment
    • Elite Edition Equipment
    • Supporter Edition Equipment
    • In-Game Currency: +$5,000
    • GZW T-Shirt (in-game)
    • GZW Gloves (in-game)
    • Special Support Name Color
    • Exclusive Supporter Badge

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Best Extraction Game of the Year?

“While it is still early in the game’s release, Gray Zone Warfare has the potential to become a strong contender.

With its immersive gameplay, challenging AI enemies, and expansive open world, the game has already garnered positive feedback from players. (For right now)

As other triple-A titles are on the way, such as Arena Breakout Infinite, this year will be the year of the extraction shooter showdown. As all these games rush for the best extraction shooter title which is safely held by Tarkov, only time will tell which one will emerge as the “Tarkov killer”.

So folks, thanks for reading that’s all for now!

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