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Sea of Conquest – Best Ship Build Hero Formation Guide

Strategic Build Ship Hero

In this guide I’ll show you the best heroes to use for each ship build formation, including your flagship.

When choosing a captain for your flagship, durability is an important quality.

Best Flagship Formation Sea Of Conquest Guide

Best Heroes for Flagship

Old Ahab provides a sturdy shield to protect your main ship from damage. Keeping your flagship in the fight is crucial.

Cursed Ed possesses unique skills that make him valuable in support and defense strategies. His skills often revolve around providing buffs and debuffs to allies and enemies.

Magnus possesses skills that allow him to provide shielding to his allies. This shielding can absorb incoming damage, protecting your team and prolong their survival rate during battles.

Alternatively for support, Cordelia can effectively heal the flagship while cleansing detrimental status effects.

Blazing Hero Ship Build Sea Of Conquest

Best Blazing Heroes for Stormbringer Ship

Tanaka can remove debuffs from his teammates, ensuring they can perform at their best without being hindered by negative effects.

Lester has skills that can stun or immobilize enemies, providing crowd control support to the team.

Adeline can provide buffs to her allies, increasing their attack power or defense. Also, she is able to heal her teammates, ensuring their health is maintained during battles.

Best Drowning Hero Ship Build

Best Drowning Heroes for Crimson Ship

Ophelia is able to heal her allies, as well as removing debuffs from her teammates, ensuringg they are not affected by negative effects.

Sharky can enhance his teammates’ attack or defense, by boosting their overall effectiveness in battles. Sharky’s skills can also provide resistance against crowd control effects.

Qi Lanting’s buffs enhance the damage output of heroes who rely on their attack power, making her a valuable support hero in offensive strategies.

For other options, you could use Barnacle for captain instead of Ophelia.

Best Cutthroat Hero Ship Build

Best Cutthroat Heroes for Warhammer Ship

Bones works well with heroes who deal high damage, as his healing abilities can keep them alive and maximize their offensive attacks. He is also no doubt the best hero in the game!

Kojo works well with heroes who rely on their attack power, as his buffs can amplify their offensive capabilities

Luna can reduce the damage taken by her allies, making her a valuable hero.


Fearless Princess 


Strategic Build Ship Hero

Best Strategic Heroes for Fearless Ship


Griffin is a strategic damage dealer and is the best choice for captain role. He works well with heroes who also deal strategic damage, such as Boa and Molly.

Boa is another hero who deals strategic damage and can be paired with Griffin to benefit from the same damage passive skills.

Molly is a swift hero who can work well with various strategic damage ships and heroes. She is easily one of the best universal gunners in the game. Great choice to pair with Griffin and Boa. 

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Here’s a table of all the best attacking, defensive, and support heroes in Sea of Conquest S1-S4:

Attacking Heroes Defensive Heroes Support Heroes
Boa Old Ahab Cordelia
Bones Armstrong Cursed Ed
Ophelia Magnus Wanda
Lester Obi Jango
Griffin Madame Lulu
Qi Lanting
Henry Hell
Lord Kojo

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