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Vigor Is Finally Coming To PC On May 16th (Official)

Vigor Pc Release Date

Vigor Pc Release Date

Vigor is a free to play looter shooter game developed by Bohemia Interactive.


The game focuses on the player’s journey as an Outlander, it all started from a nuclear war that occurred in 1991, leaving most of the Earth uninhabitable except for Norway. The main objective is to fight for survival amidst the harsh conditions and limited resources.



In Vigor, you search areas of Norway called Encounters. You choose if you want to sneak around quietly looting supplies, or fight other players.

You build up your home shelter by finding resources, such as food, water, and gears. You can also add things like crafting stations etc. 

Overall the game offers a unique mix of exploration, looting, and intense combat.

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  • Vigor was initially released on Xbox One and later made available on Nintendo Switch, PS4/5, and Xbox Series X/S.
  • As of May 2024, the official PC version of Vigor will be release, expanding its user base further across all platforms.

Release Date & Expectation

Vigor will be launching on May 16 in Early Access on PC, which will allow the developers to receive feedback before full release.

Vigor has been on Xbox consoles the longest. Most players say the survival and looting mechanics are fun. They enjoy exploring Norway and gearing up against enemies in different game modes.

For a game that’s over 5 years old, let’s hope they actually bring something new or at least offer some fun for the pc gaming community.

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