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Wuthering Waves Complete Beginner’s Guide [2024]

Wuthering Waves Complete Beginner's Guide

Wuthering Waves Complete Beginner's Guide

◈Who is this guide for?

The first part of this guide is suitable for those who have just started (or almost) playing or are simply lost in the mass of content that Wuthering Waves throws at us in a short time.

There will be tips that even more veteran players might not know in the more advanced section of this guide.


Lustrous Tide

Radiant Tide


◈Early Game Progression

Collect, collect… COLLECT!

The first thing to do as soon as you’re thrown into the open-world adventure, while continuing the main quest, is to collect everything possible.

Whether it’s flowers, minerals, chests, puzzles, or anything that can be touched, TOUCH IT.

Many of these items will be useful much later in the game or even never (depending on what you decide to prioritize), but it’s always better to have them in your backpack.

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◈Unlock All Resonance Beacons

When you hit a “union wall,” meaning you can’t progress in the story until you reach a certain account level, it’s very useful to explore the game world to unlock all the Resonance Beacons.

Kill any creature that stands in your way, collect Echoes and resources in the meantime.
This limit will appear at Union Level 14, during Chapter 1, Act 4, so you will have already unlocked  for a long time. The biggest advice is not to use them until you unlock the World Bosses.

◈Who Should You Invest In?

During tutorial quests, try not to use resources on any character. The game will force you to do so to explain how to upgrade the initial party characters, which will initially consist of: Rover, Baizhi, Chixia and Yangyang.

If you log in to the game for five days in a row, you’ll also unlock Sanhua. Of these five, I strongly recommend focusing on Rover because, unlike many other gacha games, the main character is very good thanks to his Havoc version. If you want to prioritize a 5*, without a doubt it should be Verina.

◈Which Characters To Get?

To celebrate the game’s release, they let us choose a standard 5*. From a practical point of view, considering the game’s meta, Verina is the best choice.

She is currently the best available support; not that the others are bad, but the gap between her and the other four is huge.

◈How Should You Spend Your Pulls?

Focus spending  on the Beginner’s Choice Convene banner, which costs 8 instead of 10  .

Absolutely avoid spending to obtain since they are available for free in abundance; use them only to obtain . Now it’s up to you to decide if and how to spend your  . The current event banners are Prevail the Lasting Night and Absolute Pulsation. Jiyan is a valid DPS, so it’s worth investing in him, but in what case should we decide to wait? If you somehow obtained Calcharo, then you already have an excellent DPS and can, unless you want Jiyan, skip this banner and wait for the next one. This is a great move because the next event will give us the opportunity to get Yinlin, who boosts electro attacks and pairs well with Calcharo.

◈Use Waveplates Wisely

Why do you need them?

are a daily currency to spend to obtain certain rewards and recharge over time:

  • 1 per 6 minutes
  • 10 per 60 minutes
  • 240 per 24 hours

So remember to return and use  every 24 hours.

◈What Should You Farm?

Once you unlock World Bosses, the best thing to do is farm those needed to upgrade your characters, as their drops are necessary to unlock level caps. Additionally, this ensures you get some quality Echoes. World Bosses also drop materials to increase character levels, making it pointless to spend in Simulation Training for such materials, as drops vary based on the world level. Start using Simulation Training ONLY in the more advanced stages of the game. You don’t need to be in the total end game, but avoid using it at lower levels unless you’re busy and want to quickly spend your resources. As I already mentioned, good characters to invest in are Rover and Verina.

◈Daily Objectives

Opening the diary, you’ll notice a series of activities to perform.

◈Daily Activities

Daily activities are a series of simple tasks to perform to obtain various rewards. Do them. Every day. They are great for accumulating resources and take very little time.


Milestones are a series of objectives that accompany the player throughout the initial progression and offer great rewards. It is advisable and totally makes sense to spend the resources we are sparingly accumulating to complete the Milestones. It takes a long time to finish them all :3

◈Data Bank

From the game menu, you can access the Data Bank, which tracks collected Echoes, like a Pokedex. Obtaining new and rarer Echoes increases the Data Bank level, which increases: Echo capture chance, Echo rarity, maximum Echo capacity a character can equip, and stamina. Trying to get all the Echoes is worth it! We will discuss this in much more detail later in the guide.

◈Mid-Game/Character Progression

I personally believe the Mid-Game starts around level 40-50 of the characters, so it’s time to build them to prepare for the main farming content towards the end-game (Tower of Adversity, Depths of Illusive Realm, and Tactical Hologram).


At this point in the game, you should have enough resources to start investing in equipment and skills. Almost all 3* weapons will be outshined by 4* and 5* ones, so it’s better to avoid investing too much in 3* weapons.


Echoes are capturable mobs that can be equipped by each character. Each Echo has an active Echo Skill that can be used in combat and an element that serves to activate Sonata Effects.

Echoes have different classes:

  • Common (cost 1)
  • Elite (cost 3)
  • Overlord (cost 4)
  • Calamity (cost 4)

and different rarities:

  • Rank 2 (green)
  • Rank 3 (blue)
  • Rank 4 (purple)
  • Rank 5 (yellow)

Each Echo has its own stats, so always pair them with the right character.

For example, Verina’s skills scale with ATK

so it’s recommended to find an Echo with ATK and Healing Bonus

possibly with a Sonata Effect that works well with Verina’s purpose.


In the Data Bank, you’ll unlock Data Merge, which allows you to merge unused Echoes to get better ones. DO NOT use this function until Data Bank level 15! Before that, the chance of getting a 5* Echo is ZERO, so absolutely avoid Data Merge before Data Bank 15.


In the character menu, there’s the “Forte,” which allows you to level up skills. Not much to say, upgrade them to level 6-7, there’s no need to go beyond that for now; remember, we’re saving resources.

◈How to Build Parties & Increase Damage

◈Echo Disposition

The general setup for building a character is 4-3-3-1-1. These numbers represent the cost of each Echo, so in order it would be:

1x World Boss (overlord) costo 4
2x Elite 3 + 3 = costo 6
2x common 1 +1 = costo 2
Totale costo = 12

Generally, we want to have a Sonata Effect that increases the damage of the character’s element. For example, an Electro type would want the Sonata Effect:

◈Character Roles in the Party

The party consists of 3 characters, each playing a specific role:

  • DPS/Main Carry: These characters are war machines with the sole purpose of dealing damage.
  • SubDPS: These characters are a bit like Main Carry but with a secondary damage role. Personally, I don’t like using them and prefer focusing on the next two roles.
  • Direct Support: These characters’ job is to buff the next character that comes into play, generally used right before the Main Carry to increase their damage with their Outro Skill (discussed later).
  • Support: These characters are generally the healers who heal the entire party and buff them with their Outro Skill.

◈Party Example

“Level up characters and weapons,” yes, thanks, but what else can we do to effectively increase our damage? Putting together all the information we’ve just learned.

Let’s start with the simple concept of Outro Skill. To the left of our character’s HP bar, there’s an indicator that, when full, will allow us to activate the Outro Skill of the character in play.

An Outro Skill is an ability that activates when a character is swapped into play. For example, Baizhi’sOutro Skill heals the next character that is brought into play.

I will examine the following team: Calcharo, Sanhua and Verina.

Calcharo is a pure DPS, so we build him using Echoes that enhance his Electro element, as we discussed earlier:

Sanhua is our Direct Support, and her Outro Skill significantly boosts the attack of the next character to come into play.

We build her with a Sonata Effect commonly useful for Direct Supports:

Verina is our trusted healer, who heals the entire team with her abilities and increases the ATK of the entire party through her Inherent Skill with her Outro Skill:

The rotation of this party is very simple. Verina charges her Outro Skill to boost the party’s attacks, and then we switch to Sanhua, who will use her Ultimate and Resonance Skill to create two ice walls and then use her powerful Circuit (to be clear, this bar)

which will deal damage and significantly recharge her Outro Skill (Sanhua works this way; if she breaks her walls, she gains energy). At this point, we switch again to equip Calcharo, who will get the damage bonus from Sanhua’s Outro Skill, and we will use him to deal the damage.

Here is an example of what we just discussed.


That should cover more or less everything I have to say to help you improve in the game.
See you next time!



The guide contains information related to version 1.2 of the game.

Site moderator and writer for acony games.

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