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5 Best Tanks In Mobile Legends Bang Bang Season 32 (2024)

Best 5 Tanks In Mobile Legend Bang Bang Season 32 April 2024

1. Minotaur

Minotaur Mobile Legends

Minotaur is a durable tank in Mobile Legends known for his crowd control abilities and teamfight presence.

He’s very good at teaming, while he might not be the typical choice for solo rank climbing due to his reliance on team coordination, he can still be effective in the right hands.

Stats Overview
Overall tank statistics for Minotaur

Skill Abilities:
• Rage Incarnate (Passive) Buff
• Despair Stomp (Skill 1) Aoe Slow
• Motivation Roar (Skill 2) Heal Buff
• Minoan Fury (Ultimate) CC

Recommended Lane:
Roaming (Great for support)

2. Tigreal

Tigreal Mobile Legends

Tigreal is a classic tank hero in Mobile Legends known for his durability, crowd control abilities, and strong initiation potential. He’s a solid choice for experienced players.

Stats Overview
Overall tank statistics for Tigreal

Skill Abilities:
• Fearless (Passive) Buff
• Attack Wave (Skill 1) Aoe Slow
• Sacred Hammer (Skill 2) Heal Buff
• Implosion (Ultimate) CC

Recommended Lane:
Roaming (Crowd Control)

3. Johnson

Johnson Mobile Legends

Johnson is unique in that he can transform into a car and charge through enemies, stunning and damaging them in the process.

His ultimate skill, Full Throttle, can catch opponents off guard and initiate team fights effectively. If you’re a beginner he’s a perfect choice!

Stats Overview
Overall tank statistics for Johnson

Skill Abilities:
• Electro Airbag (Passive) Shield 
• Impact Wrench (Skill 1) Aoe Slow
• Electromagnetic Waves (Skill 2) Aoe
• Full Throttle (Ultimate) Morph

Recommended Lane:
Best for Roaming (Support/Crowd Control)

4. Khufra

Khufra Mobile Legends

A tank with strong crowd control abilities, including a powerful ultimate that can disrupt the enemy team’s positioning. Kufra is often played as a frontline tank due to his ability to initiate fights, disrupt the enemy team, and protect his allies.

His crowd control abilities make him a valuable asset in team compositions that prioritize controlling the battlefield and setting up for successful engagements.

Khufra ultimate skill “Tyrant’s Revenge”, can stun multiple enemies and set up opportunities for your team to secure kills.

Stats Overview
Overall tank statistics for Khufra

Skill Abilities:
• Spell Curse (Passive) Heal Damage
• Tyrant’s Revenge (Skill 1) CC
• Bouncing Ball (Skill 2) Slow
• Tyrant’s Rage (Ultimate) CC

Recommended Lane:
Roam (Initiator)

5. Atlas

Atlas Mobile Legends

With his devastating ultimate ability, Fatal Links, Atlas can single-handedly turn team fights in your favor by pulling enemies together and stunning them. He’s also quite tanky and can withstand a lot of punishment.

Stats Overview
Overall tank statistics for Atlas

Skill Abilities:
• Frigid Breath (Passive) Buff Debuff
• Annihilate (Skill 1) Aoe
• Perfect Match (Skill 2) Mobility
• Fatal Links (Ultimate) Aoe

Recommended Lane:
Roaming (Crowd Controller/Initiator)


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These heroes are worth an honorable mention as they are very good to use.


Masha Mobile Legends

There is debate around whether Masha makes a good tank, while others think she is not really a tank and that the devs should revamp her kit.

However, due to her insane amount of hp, she can be a great choice for you, but please be cautious about her resistance or durability.

Stats Overview
Overall tank statistics for Masha

Skill Abilities:
• Ancient Strength (Passive) Buff
• Wild Power (Skill 1) Speed Up
• Howl Shock (Skill 2) Debuff
• Thunderclap (Ultimate) Burst
• Life Recovery Heal

Recommended Lane:
Exp Lane (Fighter/Push/Tank)


Carmilla Mobile Legends

Carmilla is an underrated tank that works perfectly for support. She is extremely tanky, don’t underestimate her ultimate ability, as she is capable of wiping out an entire team!

Stats Overview
Overall tank statistics for Carmilla

Skill Abilities:
• Vampire Pact (Passive) Debuff
• Crimson Flower (Skill 1) Heal
• Bloodbath (Skill 2) Speedup
• Curse of Blood (Ultimate) CC

Recommended Lane:
Roaming (Crowd Control/Damage)


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