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Arena Breakout: Infinite PC Closed Beta Date Confirmed

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Arena Breakout Infinite In Game Photo 4
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Exciting news for Arena Breakout fans!

The popular mobile extraction looter shooter “Arena Breakout” is expanding its horizons and making its way to the PC platform.

According to inside sources, tencent is planning to release a pc beta version of the game in May called Arena Breakout: Infinite

Arena Breakout is known for its competitive 4v4 team modes. On mobile, it attracted a huge following with approachable touch controls and fast-paced matches. With Infinite, developers now aim to elevate the Arena Breakout experience beyond what’s possible on a small screen.

Official Beta Gameplay Video Trailer

PC players can expect a more immersive graphical presentation when Arena Breakout: Infinite releases. Precise mouse and keyboard support will cater to the platform. Larger maps and more customization options will provide greater strategic depth.

Early Access Beta Release Date:

How can you play and test the game early? Arena Breakout Infinite PC Beta Early Access is set to begin on May 8, 2024. This highly anticipated closed beta will allow players to experience the game before its official launch date.

Key details:

• Platform: The beta will be available for Steam PC.
• Maps: The closed beta will feature two maps – Farm and Valley.

Tencent, the parent company behind the Arena Breakout Infinite studio Morefuns, is a veteran in the PC gaming industry. They will utilize their expertise to optimize and provide a decent gaming experience for everyone..

The launch of Arena Breakout Infinite gives existing PC fans a new way to finally “Escape from Tarkov”.


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