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Best Multi Lane Heroes In Mobile Legends Season 32

Selena Mbl

In Mobile Legends, multi lane heroes can be incredibly versatile and adaptable to different team compositions and strategies. Here are some of the best multi lane heroes you can consider:

6. Chou:

Chou Mobile Legends

known for his flexibility, capable of playing as a fighter or tank. He has crowd control abilities and high mobility, making him suitable for both engaging in team fights and protecting allies.

• Only Fast (Buff)
• Jeet Kune Do (AOE, Mobility)
• Shunpo (Mobility, Buff)
• The way of dragon (CC, Burst)

Recommended Lane: 

Side Lane: From the side lane, he can rotate to the mid lane or help secure kills in the jungle, applying pressure across the map and assisting his teammates.

5. Gusion:


An assassin hero who can deal massive burst damage. However, with the right build and play style, he can also fulfill the role of a semi-tank, providing disruption in team fights with his mobility and crowd control.

• Dagger Specialist  (Buff, Heal)
• Sword Spike (Damage, Mobility)
• Shadowblade Slaughter (AOE, Slow)
• Incandescence (Mobility. Buff)

Recommended Lane: 

Mid Lane:  It allows him to reach his power spikes quickly by farming the central lane minions and securing kills on enemy heroes, which is crucial for snowballing and dominating the game.

4. Ruby:

Ruby Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Ruby is excellent for crowd control abilities. She can initiate fights, soak up damage, and provide utility to her team. With the right build, she can also serve as a semi-tank.

• Let’s Dance (Buff)
• Be Good (AOE, Slow)
• Don’t Run, Wolf King! (CC, AOE)
• I’m Offended! (CC, AOE)

Recommended Lane: 

Side Lane: She can thrive in isolated situations, securing kills or forcing enemies to retreat while also denying enemy farm and experience.


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3. Thamuz:

Thamuz MBL

If you’re looking for someone to take a lot of damage, then Thamuz is the hero you seek. He can be built as a tanky bruiser, capable of diving into the enemy team and disrupting their formations while soaking up damage.

•  Grand Lord Lava (Debuff)
•  Molten Scythes (AOE, Slow)
•  Chasm Trample (Mobility, Buff)
•  Cauterant Inferno (AOE, Buff)

Recommended Lane: 

Side Lane: Placing him in the side lane allows him to control the battlefield, set up kills for his teammates, and protect his turret from enemy pushes.

2. X.Borg:

X Borg Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Borg is good at dealing high damage to enemies and is also quite durable. He can be played as a frontliner, dealing damage while absorbing enemy attacks. His ultimate ability provides crowd control and area damage, making him valuable in team fights.

• Firaga Armor (Buff)
• Fire Missiles (AOE)
• Fire Stake (CC)
• Last Insanity (Burst, Mobility

Recommended Lane:

Side Lane: where he can utilize his durability, damage output, and solo potential to dominate the lane.

3. Ling:

Ling MBL

Ling is perfect for mobility and burst damage. He can quickly rotate across the map and pick off enemy heroes. With the right items, he can also sustain in fights and serve as a split-pusher.

• Cloud Walker (Buff)
• Finch Poise (Mobility, Buff)
• Defiant Sword (Damage, Mobility)
• Tempest of Blades (Burst, CC)

Recommended Lane: 

Side Lane: where he can utilize his split-pushing capabilities, mobility, and burst damage to dominate the lane, control objectives, and make a significant impact on the game.

2. Esmeralda:

Esmerald MBL

A mage-fighter hybrid with strong crowd control and shield capabilities. She can disrupt enemy formations while providing protection to her team with her shields.

• Starmoon Casket (Buff, Shield)
• Frostmoon Shield (Shiled, Buff)
• Stardust Dance (AOE, Buff))
• Falling Starmoon (Burst, Mobility)

Recommended Lane: 

Mid-Lane: she can utilize her shield mechanics, crowd control, and damage output to dominate the lane, control objectives, and support her team in team fights and skirmishes.

1. Selena:

Selena Mbl

an assassin mage capable of dealing burst damage and controlling the battlefield with her traps. She can roam the map effectively and secure kills for her team while also providing vision control.

• Symbiosis (Buff)
• Abyssal Trap (Summon, Slow)
• Abyssal Arrow (CC, Speed Up)
• Primal Darkness (Morph, Speed up)

Recommended Lane: 

Mid-Lane: Provides Selena with easy access to gold and experience, allowing her to reach her power spikes quickly.



Remember, the effectiveness of these heroes can vary depending on your team composition, the enemy line-up, and your personal play style. Experiment with different builds and strategies to find the ones that work best for you and your team.

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