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Dragon’s Dogma 2 Microtransaction Controversy (Steam)

Dragon Dogma 2 Microstransaction Controversy Rant
In Game Photo
Dragon Dogma 2 Microstransaction Controversy Rant

In Game Photo

Capcom recently released Dragon’s Dogma 2, the sequel to their popular action RPG series. However, the launch has not been smooth due to some issues players have found.


Many fans were surprised to see microtransactions added to the single player game mode.  These allow purchasing items like fast travel, special kits, and character changes with real money.

Prices range from $1 to $5 for each item. Upset fans were quick to voiced their disappointment on Steam.

On Steam the rating moved to “Mixed” with 50% of the reviews being positive and the other 50% being negative, since many feel extra payments were not needed and it could potentially disrupt the game.

While some  people didn’t had an issue, the enjoyment was ruined for the rest of the fans knowing microtransactions exist.

Microtransaction Controversy Dragon Dogma 2
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Microtransaction Controversy Dragon Dogma 2
Microtransaction Controversy Dragon Dogma 2
Angry Fan Reviews
Angry Fan Reviews

Capcom’s Response:

In response, Capcom said most items can still be earned normally through quests. But they admit some rarer things may require buying.

They also plan to add an option to restart the game easily soon. It’s a shame such a highly anticipated sequel is facing criticism already. Gamers want to fully experience games they pay for upfront.

What’s Next?

Apart from the microtransaction issue, the game is undeniably a major success. Both the gameplay and storyline of the game have received high praise from a lot of gamers in the community space.

Players are happy with the rewarding nature of the gameplay, as well as the exploration aspect of the rich and immersive fantasy world, which serves as a major highlight.

Additionally, the game boasts stunning graphics, featuring a beautifully crafted open world scenery with intricate details that captivate players in every corner of the map.

While the initial reaction was unhappy, it seems attitudes have softened and changed as more fans continue to enjoy the core gameplay.


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