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Popular Upcoming PC Extraction Shooter Games (2024)

Incursion Red Gameplay

The extraction shooter genre has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, with games like The Division 1 and Escape from Tarkov which captivated thousands of gamers around the globe.

What is an extraction shooter?

The primary objective in these games is to infiltrate dangerous environments, secure valuable resources or intelligence, and then successfully extract those assets as quickly as possible.

List of new extractions shooter games like tarkov

As we look forward to 2024, here are several highly anticipated upcoming extraction shooter games on the radar.

1. Arena Breakout Infinite

Arena Breakout Infinite In Game Photo 3

Fans can finally rejoice as the popular mobile looter shooter “Arena Breakout” is quickly making its way to PC with the release of Arena Breakout Infinite.

Promising fast paced action and intense gameplay, Arena Breakout Infinite challenges players to navigate through treacherous arenas, engage in battles with enemies, and collect valuable resources in order to secure a successful extraction.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Developer: Morefun Studios
Genre: Action,  Extraction Shooter

2. Gray Zone Warfare

Gray Zone Warfare In Game Photo

Gray Zone Warfare is a tactical FPS military game that combines intense shooter gameplay with strategic elements, as players lead a squad of specialized operatives, planning and executing extraction missions in a dynamic and ever-changing battlefield. 

While the game developers have stated that it is not technically not the same as Tarkov,GZW still features key aspects of a typical looter shooter extraction game similar to escape from tarkov and others.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Developer: Madfinger Games
Genre: Extraction Shooter, Strategy

3. Level Zero

Level Zero Extraction Game

In Level Zero, players step into the shoes of highly skilled operatives tasked with infiltrating secure facilities and extracting valuable information. With a strong emphasis on stealth and tactical gameplay, players must utilize their skills and gadgets to complete their missions undetected.

Platforms: Windows (PC)
Developer: DOGHOWL Games
Genre: Shooter, Stealth

4. Exoborne

Exoborne New Extraction Shooter

A tactical open world extraction shooter, transporting players to a distant planet. In this vast open world game, Exoborne task players to survive against the hostile alien creatures while extracting valuable resources.

With a wide range of customizable equipment, players must adapt to the ever-changing environment to succeed.

Platforms: PC/PS5/Xbox Series
Developer: Sharkmob AB
Genre: Shooter, Sci-Fi

5. Incursion Red

Incursion Red Gameplay

Incursion Red focuses on tactical gameplay, challenging players to carefully plan their extraction missions. The game features a variety of weapons, gadgets, and abilities, teams must coordinate seamlessly to overcome demanding objectives and secure valuable loot.

Platforms: Windows
Developer: Games Of Tomorrow GmbH
Genre: Shooter, Tactical

6. Beautiful Light

Beautiful Light

A PvPvPvE tactical fps extraction shooter that is set in a visually stunning post-apocalyptic world. Beautiful Light invites players to navigate breathtaking environments, battle hostile factions, and uncover the secrets of the land as they strive to extract precious resources.

Platforms: Windows
Developer: Deep Worlds SA
Genre: Action, Shooter

7. Arc Raiders

Arc Raiders

Arc Raiders offers a cooperative extraction shooter experience, where players team up to complete challenging missions and extract precious artifacts. Emphasizing teamwork and strategic gameplay, this title promises intense and thrilling cooperative action.

Platforms: PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series 
Developer: Embark Studios
Genre: Shooter, Co-op

8. Vigor


Vigor is a free to play (F2P) multiplayer looter shooter game developed by Bohemia Interactive. To give you a quick overview of the storyline, the game is basically set in post war Norway, players must survive the harsh conditions and outlive the apocalypse.

The game offers a unique blend of exploration, looting, and intense combat. Vigor was initially released for Xbox One in 2018 and later made its way to other platforms.

The PC version of the game is scheduled for early access on  May 16, 2024.

Platforms: Xbox, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series , Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4
Developer: Bohemia Interactive
Genre: Extraction Shooter, Co-op, TPS,

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