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Project Blood Strike Trolls Warzone Mobile

Blood Strike Vs Warzone Mobile Gamers

Popular mobile battle royale game, Project Blood Strike, has achieved a new milestone.

The new battle royale shooter game Project Blood Strike developed by NetEase Games continues to rise quickly on mobile. In a recent Twitter post, the development team announced that the game has been downloaded over 30 million times as its popularity grows.

Blood Strike Vs Warzone Mobile
Blood Strike Trolls Warzone Mobile

Taking Shots at WZM:

Shortly after celebrating their 30 million milestone on Twitter, the Project Blood Strike team wasted no time taking shots at Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile (WZM).

In a tweet, they boldly pointed out WZM weaknesses, particularly in graphics and performance, by jokingly using memes to showcase the pixelated graphics and overheating issues experienced by WZM players.

This sparked upset among some fans of Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, who defended their game in the comment section of the tweet.

Who benefits?

This strategic approach of comparing itself to leaders in the gaming space seems to be paying off. More users are trying Project Blood Strike to see how it stacks up versus the competition.

The rising success has intensified rivalry within the mobile gaming market. Gamers are actively debating the pros and cons of titles like CODM, WZM, PUBG, APEX and Arena Breakout. This motivation has developers innovating to improve their games further.

In the end, Project Blood Strike’s explosive growth bodes well for the battle royale genre for android and ios players. Its model of promotion by competition is setting the new standard for mobile games to follow.

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