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Project L.3.3.T A New Extraction Shooter for PC

Project L33t New Extraction Shooter Game
Project L33t

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An independent gaming studio founded by a group of experience developers, has announced Project L.3.3.T.

What is Project L33t?

Project L33t is an upcoming first person extraction shooter developed by Holmgard Games. The game promises an immersive and intense gameplay experience, taking inspiration from popular gaming titles such as EFT, Day Z, and Rainbow Six.

Although the game shares some common similarities with other popular games, Project L33t set to offers its own unique features and gameplay mechanics.

Gameplay Overview:

In this game, players take on the role of elite mercenaries working for the L.3.3.T agency. The game is set in a world transformed by alien technology. Players will engage in high-stakes battles as they work to secure precious resources.

Project L33T revolves around the key concept of extraction. Players must navigate through dangerous areas, find valuable resources or objectives, and safely transport their prizes out of enemy territory. This core gameplay mechanic sets the stage for intense firefights, stealthy approaches, and strategic decision-making.

Realistic Combat:

Similar to Escape from Tarkov, Project L33t focuses on realistic combat mechanics and tactical gameplay. Players must carefully plan their approach, utilize cover, and make use of a wide variety of weapons and equipment to overcome challenging encounters. The game encourages players to adapt to different situations by employing stealth, teamwork or brute force when needed.

Game Features:

  • PvEvP – Battles against AI enemies and other players
  • Character Customization – Fully customize your appearance, gear, and loadout.
  • Realistic Gunplay – Detailed ballistics, modding, wear and tear
  • Teamwork – Squad up with friends
  • Health Elements – Features like hydration, stamina and detailed injury modeling.
  • Fluid Movement – Full control over movement and parkour abilities.
  • Character Progression – Learn new skills from manuals found in the world.
  • Social Hub – A hub to purchase gear, sell loot and interact with other players.

Will Project L33t End Up like Day Before?

Of course, there are no guarantees. But based on the details shared, I don’t believe Project L33t is a cash grab. Only time will tell, as their development continues.

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