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Sea of Conquest – Ultimate Guide to All Food Recipes (2024)

All Sea Of Conquest Food Recipes (ultimate List)

Sea of Conquest Food Recipes

Find all the food dishes and recipes in this guide for Sea of Conquest Seasons (S1-S3).

Sea Of Conquest All Food Recipe Guide For Cooking

SOC All Food Ingredients (recipes)

What is a Galley?

In the game, you make recipes in the galley. The galley is where you cook. You can cook recipes manually or use quick recipes that you saved.

When you level up your galley, you will be able to increase your max cooking units, which means you will receive more ready hands or helpers to cook. You can also cook more ingredients at once and make more food.

Recipe Tier Grades

This article lists all the recipes you need to make food. There are different tier grades of recipes from worst to best.

  • C Grade: Gray recipes
  • B Grade: Green recipes
  • A Grade: Blue recipes
  • S Grade: Purple recipes
  • S+ Grade: Orange recipes

Note: The S+ orange recipes are the best for ship consumption when you are out in the seas, meanwhile the C grade tier recipes are not so good because you receive a very low amount of consumption rate points.

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Burnt Fish1 Blue Fish, 1 EggS1
Greasy Cake1 Egg, 1 MilkS1
Rare Grilled Fish1 Blue FishS1
Burnt Egg1 EggS1
Mushy Tortilla Chips1 CornS1
Raw Fish Taco1 Corn, 1 Green FishS1
Raw Minced Meat Taco1 Corn, 1 Raw MeatS1
Salted Fish Soup1 Water, 1 Green FishS1
Slimy Ice Cream1 MilkS1
Canned Broth1 WaterS1
Tough Meatballs1 Raw MeatS1
Rotten Fruit Salad1 BerryS1
Mushy Oatmeal Cookies1 OatsS2
Canned Vegetable Soup1 CabbageS2
Canned Borscht1 Cabbage, 1 MeatS2
Raw Pine Nuts1 Pine NutsS2
Burnt Honey Glazed Ham1 Meat, 1 HoneyS2
Slimey Milk Candy1 Milk, 1 HoneyS2
Salted Bone Broth1 Marrowbone, 1 WaterS2
Undesirable Food1 WheatS2
Simple Baked Beans1 Pinto BeansS3
Simple Apple Pie1 AppleS3
Simple Bacon Stew1 Jerky, 1 WaterS3
Ordinary Grilled Fish1 Purple FishS1
Ordinary Fish Slices1 Orange Fish, 3 Blue FishS1
Ordinary Fried Fish2 Blue Fish, 1 EggS1
Ordinary Fish Soup2 Blue Fish, 1 WaterS1
Ordinary Cake2 Mile, 1 EggS1
Ordinary Ice Cream2 MilkS1
Ordinary Fried Egg2 EggS1
Ordinary Broth2 WaterS1
Ordinary Meatballs2 Raw MeatS1
Ordinary Fruit Salad2 BerryS1
Ordinary Tortilla Chips2 CornS1
Ordinary Fried Fish Taco2 Blue Fish, 1 CornS1
Ordinary Minced Meat Taco1 Corn, 2 Raw MeatS1
Ordinary Oatmeal Cookies1 Oats, 1 EggS2
Ordinary Vegetable Soup1 Cabbage, 1 WaterS2
Ordinary Borscht2 Meat, 1 cabbageS2
Ordinary Toasted Pine Nuts2 Pine NutsS2
Plain Honey Glazed Ham2 Meat, 1 HoneyS2
Ordinary Milk Candy2 Milk, 1 HoneyS2
Ordinary Bone Broth2 Marrowbone, 1 WaterS2
Ordinary Baked Beans2 Pinto BeansS3
Ordinary Apple Pie2 ApplesS3
Ordinary Bacon Stew2 Jerky & 1 WaterS3
Nicely Grilled Fish1 Orange FishS1
Freshly Made Tortilla Chips3 CornS1
Fresh Fish Slices4 Purple FishS1
Freshly Fried Fish1 Orange Fish, 1 Egg, 1 MilkS1
Hot Fish Soup1 Water, 1 Orange FishS1
Freshly Baked Cake3 Egg, 1 MilkS1
Freshly Made Ice Cream3 MilkS1
Freshly Fried Egg3 EggS1
Hot Broth3 WaterS1
Freshly Made Meatballs3 Raw MeatS1
Fresh Fruit Salad3 BerriesS1
Freshly Made Fried Fish Taco3 Blue Fish, 1 MaizeS1
Freshly Made Minced Meat Taco3 Maize, 1 Raw MeatS1
Freshly Made Oatmeal Cookies1 Milk, 1 Oats, 1 EggS2
Hot Vegetable Soup3 Cabbage, 1 waterS2
Hot Borscht2 Meat, 2 CabbageS2
Freshly Toasted Pine Nuts3 Pine NutsS2
Freshly Made Honey Glazed Ham2 Meat, 2 HoneyS2
Freshly Made Milk Candy2 Milk, 2 HoneyS2
Hot Bone Broth2 Marrowbone, 2 WaterS2
Fresh Baked Beans2 Pinto Beans, 1 JerkyS3
Fresh Apple Pie2 Apples, 1 HoneyS3
Fresh Bacon Stew3 Jerky, 1 WaterS3
Fresh Can1 Apples, 1 BerryS3
Tasty Fish soup1 Orange Fish, 1 Blue Fish, 1 WaterS1
Smooth Ice Cream4 MillkS1
Nice Fried Egg4 EggS1
Fluffy Cake2 Egg, 2 milkS1
Luscious Meatballs4 Raw MeatS1
Appetizing Fruit Salad4 BerriesS1
Crispy Tortilla Chips4 CornS1
Tender Fish Slices2 Orange Fish, 2 Purple FishS1
Wonderfully Fried Fish2 Egg, 2 Purple FishS1
Yummy Grilled Fish2 Purple FishS1
Delicious Broth4x WaterS1
Delicious Fried Fish Taco1 Corn, 2 Purple FishS1
Delicious Minced Meat Taco2 Corn, 2 Raw MeatS1
Crispy Oatmeal Cookies2 Oats, 1 Milk, 1 EggS2
Delicious Vegetable Soup2 Cabbage, 2 WaterS2
Delicious Borscht2 Cabbage, 1 Meat, 1 MilkS2
Delicious Toasted Pine Nuts4 Pine NutsS2
Palatable Honey Glazed Ham1 Meat, 1 Milk, 1 HoneyS2
Smooth Milk Candy3 Milk, 1 HoneyS2
Tasty Bone Broth3 Marrowbone, 1 WaterS2
Delicious Baked Beans3 Pinto Beans, 1 JerkyS3
Delicious Apple Pie3 Apple, 1 HoneyS3
Delicious Bacon Stew1 Jerky, 1 Water, 2 Raw MeatS3
Delicious Can1 Berry , 2 ApplesS3
Divine Fish soup1 Orange Fish, 1 Purple Fish, 1 WaterS1
Heavenly Fried Fish Taco1 Corn, 3 Purple FishS1
Exquisite Fish Slices4 Orange FishS1
Crispy Fired Fish2 Egg, 2 Orange fishS1
Finger Licking Grilled Fish1 Purple Fish, 1 Orange FishS1
Sumptuous Cake3 Milk, 1 EggS1
Heavenly Minced Meat Taco1 Corn, 3 Raw MeatS1
Divine Bone Broth2 Marrowbone, 1 Water, 1 HoneyS2
Finger Linking Oatmeal Cookies1 Milk, 1 Egg, 1 Honey, 1 OatsS2
Sumptuous Vegetable Soup1 Milk, 2 Cabbage, 1 HoneyS2
Sumptuous Borscht1 Milk, 1 Cabbage, 2 MeatS2
Heavenly Toasted Pine Nuts3 Pine Nuts, 1 HoneyS2
Superb Honey Glazed Ham2 Meat, 1 Honey, 1 MilkS2
Marvelous Milk Candy1 Pine Nuts, 1 Honey, 2 MilkS2
Hearty Baked Beans2 Pinto Beans, 2 JerkyS3
Hearty Apple Pie2 Apples, 2 HoneyS3
Hearty Bacon Stew2 Jerky, 1 Water, 1 Raw MeatS3
Hearty Can2 Apples, 2 BerriesS3

Most Important Recipes:

  1. Hot Broth:
  2. Freshly Fried Egg
  3. Ordinary Cake
  4. Yummy Grilled Fish
  5. Tasty Fish Soup
  6. Freshly Made Ice Cream
  7. Freshly Fried Fish
  8. Reserve Gi
  9. Reserve Vodka
  10. Sumptuous Cake

The developers of the game release new recipes each time a new season starts. Recipes from Season 2 and 3 have been added. More recipes will be added in the future as additional seasons are released.

In Conclusion

The game features a variety of recipes with different rarity levels, discovering each recipe on your own can be a challenge, this is why we created this guide so that you can easily get through the game quickly.

We’ve included all the recipes we’ve found so far so you don’t have to discover them yourself. This will help you to enhance your cooking abilities more efficiently. Now you can focus on enjoying the pirate adventures instead of searching endlessly for recipes. Just follow the ingredients and instructions here to keep your ship running smoothly!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

What is Sea of Conquest?

Sea of Conquest is a mobile game where you play as a pirate captain. You sail the seas, gather resources and use cooking to keep your crew well-fed.

How do I get ingredients?

You can find ingredients in different ways like fishing, exploring or completing quests. Rare ingredients are harder to find.

Are there different recipe levels?

Yes, recipes come in 5 levels – C is basic, B and A are better, S is rare and S+ is very rare. Higher levels need more or rarer ingredients.

What recipes should I make?

Some very helpful recipes include Hot Broth, Freshly Fried Egg, Ordinary Cake, Yummy Grilled Fish and Tasty Fish Soup. Also try Freshly Made Ice Cream, Freshly Fried Fish, Reserve Gin and Reserve Vodka, and Sumptuous Cake.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section.

Happy Sailing!

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