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How To Beat Gigas Boss In Stellar Blade (Easy Guide)

Stellar Blade Gigas Boss

Stellar Blade Gigas Boss

Strategy to Beat Gigas Boss in Stellar Blade

To beat Gigas, the fourth Boss in Stellar Blade, can be challenging, but with the right techniques it can be fairly easy!

Here are some tips:

1. Parrying and Dodging

When Gigas’ head glows red, it indicates that it will perform five consecutive attacks.

Also, if it flashes yellow before attacking,  it should be noted that these attacks cannot parry.

Instead, you should focus on dodging them. Try to differentiate this from when his hands are on fire, as those attacks can be parried.

2. Equipment and Items

☑ WB Item:

Purchase a WB item, which allows you to revive once at the location where you died. This can be a game changer in tough fights.

☑ Tumbler Expansions:

Find tumbler expansions to increase your heals. Try to have at least four heals available.

☑ Lingering Potions:

Don’t forget to use lingering potions for additional advantages.

3. Skills and Gear

☑ Parrying and Dodging Skills:

Acquire skills that make parrying and dodging easier. Look for gear that enhances these abilities as well.

☑ Exospine Upgrades:

Upgrade your exospines, especially the damage-reduction one, as it can be highly beneficial.

4. Wave Beta Skill

 Grab and upgrade the Wave Beta skill. This skill allows you to hit Gigas Boss from a distance and briefly knock him over.

Use skills that recharge Beta energy on hit and parry to maximize the effectiveness of the Wave Beta skill.

Remember, you can sprint while locked on, so utilize this to create distance and reposition yourself.

5. Combat Strategy

☑ Learn Combos:

Take the time to learn and practice your combos. Avoid mindlessly spamming buttons.

☑ Attack Timing:

Be patient and wait for your turn to attack. Take advantage of the openings in Gigas Boss’s moveset.

☑ Lower Difficulty:

If you’re struggling on normal difficulty, consider lowering the difficulty to story mode.

Remember, defeating Gigas Boss requires persistence and adapting your strategies based on your playstyle.

Take the time to analyze and learn from your mistakes, and eventually you will come out victorious.

Good luck!


After defeating Alpha Naytiba Gigas, you will receive the following rewards:

  • Crit Boost Gear – Increase Critical Rate
  • Shield Enhancement Gear – Increase shield max capacity
  • Weapon Core – Enhancement for Blood Edge
  • Extreme Polymer Material – Crafting for nano suits
  • Extreme Nano Element –  Enhancement material for exospines

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