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Sea of Conquest – Distillery Recipes Guide (2024)

Sea of Conquest Distillery Recipe Guide
SOC Distillery Recipe Guide

Ahoy, me hearties! Back again?

In this guide, we will provide you with a complete list Sea of Conquest distillery recipes for Season 1-4 .

Sea of Conquest Distillery Recipe Guide

SOC Distillery Recipe Guide

Getting Started with Sea of Conquest Distillery Recipes

Sea of Conquest (SOC) is a game that allows you to set up a Distilling Station on your main ship and brew your own alcoholic beverages.

As you progress through the game, you will need to unlock new distilling recipes which will be needed for side missions. 

B Tier Recipes  🏴‍☠️

Ordinary Wine1 GrapeS1
Ordinary Tequila1 AgaveS1
Ordinary Rum1 Sugar CaneS1
Ordinary Vodka1 PotatoS1
Ordinary Gin1 Juniper BerryS1
Ordinary Whisky1 BarleyS1
Regular Beverage1 WaterS1

A Tier Recipes  🏴‍☠️

Premium Wine2 GrapeS1
Premium Tequila2 AgaveS1
Premium Rum2 Sugar CaneS1
Premium Vodka2 PotatoS1
Premium Gin2 Juniper BerryS1
Premium Whisky2 BarleyS1
Ordinary Gin Fizz1 Juniper Berry, 1 SodaS1
Ordinary Gin & Tonic1 Grape, 1 Juniper Berry, 1 Lemon, 1 Tonic WaterS1
Ordinary The Sailor1 Potato, 2 Juniper Berry, 1 OrangeS1
Ordinary Hot Toddy1 Barley, 1 SugarS1
Ordinary Gaucus's Kiss1 Barley, 1 Sugar CaneS1
Ordinary Homeland1 Grape, 1 Juniper BerryS1
Ordinary Mead1 HoneyS2
Ordinary Wheat Beer1 WheatS2
Ordinary Cider1 AppleS3
Ordinary Coffee1 Coffee BeansS3
Ordinary Sake Alcohol2 Water, 1 RiceS4
Ordinary Plum Wine2 Water, 1 Green PlumS4

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S Tier Recipes 🏴‍☠️

Reserve Wine3 GrapesS1
Reserve Rum4 Sugar CaneS1
Reserve Vodka3 PotatoS1
Reserve Teqila3 AgaveS1
Reserve Gin3 Juniper BerryS1
Reserve Whisky3 BarleyS1
Premium Gin Fizz1 Juniper Berry, 1 Lemon, 1 SodaS1
Premium Gin & Tonic1 Juniper Berry, 2 Tonic WaterS1
Premium Tequila Sunset1 Grape, 1 Juniper Berry, 1 Agave,1 OrangeS1
Premium Lonely Queen1 Grape, 1 Agave, 1 Lemon, 1 WaterS1
Premium The Sailor1 Potato, 1 Junpier Berry, 2S1
Premium Hot Toddy1 Barley, 1 Sugar, 1 WaterS1
Premium Gaucus's Kiss3 Sugar Cane, 1 BarleyS1
Premium Hometown2 Grape + 2 Juniper BerryS1
Premium Mojito1 Sugar Cane, 1 Lemon, 1 SugarS1
Premium Mead2 HoneyS2
Premium Wheat Beer2 WheatS2
Premium Cider2 AppleS3
Premium Coffee2 Coffee BeansS3
Premium Sake Alcohol1 Water, 2 RiceS4
Premium Plum Wine1 Water, 2 Green PlumS4

S+ Tier Recipes 🏴‍☠️

Divine Gin Fizz1 Lemon, 1 Sugar, 1 Soda, 1 Juniper BerryS1
Divine Gin & Tonic3 Tonic Water, 1 Juniper BerryS1
Divine Tequila Sunset1 Agave, 2 Orange, 1 GrapeS1
Divine Lonely Queen2 Agave, 1 Orange, 1 lemonS1
Divine The Sailor2 Orange, 2 PotatoS1
Heavenly Hot Toddy2 Barley, 1 Water, 1 SugarS1
Divine Gaucus's Kiss2 Sugar Cane, 2 BarleyS1
Heavenly Hometown1 Grape, 3 Junpier BerryS1
Divine Mojito2 Sorghum Syrup, 1 Lemon, 1 SugarS1
Heavenly Mead3 HoneyS2
Heavenly Wheat Beer3 WheatS2
Reserve Cider3 AppleS3
Reserve Coffee3 Coffee BeanS3
Divine Sake Alcohol2 Water, 2 RiceS4
Divine Plum Wine2 Water, 2 Green PlumS4

Where to find distillery recipes ingredients?

You can find distillery recipe ingredients through various means. Here are some ways to get these ingredients:

Gathering Stations:

Set up gathering stations on your ship to collect ingredients. These stations include:

    • Salvage Bay: Can grant a variety of food items.
    • Water Cabin: Produces fresh water.
    • Chicken Coop: Provides eggs.

Sinking Armed Freighters:

When you attack armed freighters, you may receive rewards and spoils that include ingredients for cooking and distilling. 

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