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Sea Of Conquest: Undesirable Food Recipe Guide

Undesirable Food Recipe

How To Make Undesirable Food Recipe?

Ahoy! A lot of Sea of Conquest (SOC) players have asked me what food items are needed to make Undesirable Food Recipe due to it being hard to find.

In this article, I’ll describe how to cook undesirable food recipe in your galley and what food items you’ll need.

Undesirable Food Recipe

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  • 1 Wheat

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Where to find it:

You can find this recipe by fishing or from the seas.


It should be noted that this recipe is for S2, you will be able to cook it by finding 1 Wheat or Jerky. If you want to see a more thorough list with all of the incredients in the game for Season 1-3 then you can click on the link above for the ultimate food recipe guide.

Hope this helps, happy sailing!

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